Festivity Trees 2017

Colony Square - Midtown, Atlanta


Public art installation of twenty 8' tall Christmas trees painted by local artists in Atlanta. Collectively, a site specific art activation designed to engage and inspire the local community throughout the holiday season


To create an original work of art inspired by the holiday season using the provided 8’ tall wood panel Christmas Trees as our canvas. Our focus was to maintain an element of simplicity and stay within the theme ‘The Art of Modern Life’  a slogan used in conjunction with Colony Square's place-making initiative #CSReimagined. 

Festivity Trees was part of an ongoing series of activations taking place around Colony Square in 2017, designed to attract and engage the local community. 

Artists worked together in an open studio environment where the public could walk by or drop in to observe work in progress and meet the artists.

I invited visitors to become a part of this installation by leaving the majority of ornaments blank and providing paint pens and an request for them to share a wish. By sharing something that was on their heart, each person magnified the significance of this piece and created a more nuanced look at the holiday season for the community of Atlanta. Some of my favorites included international holiday wishes penned in Romanian, Spanish, and French. As well as a wish for everyone to find their life’s purpose and a request for more pillow forts.